Why Gateway of Hope House of Restoration? 

I am a survivor of childhood abuse and now as an adult, I know how hard it is for us to find a home where healing can begin. I know how difficult it is for women to reach out and share their painful past. The fear of rejection, the fear of not really having someone to stand by you when you share your secrets. The shame and hurt that comes from all the abuse that took place; because we did not understand that our past affected our present and our future. I know what it is like wanting to be in a safe place where others really knew and understood, where you do not feel ashamed. A home where comfort can be found and where you can receive prayer without being judged and looked upon as an outcast. There is nothing that you can tell me that would make me reject you or judge you and push you to the side. 

Through my years of healing from childhood abuse I found it difficult to find a place where I could truly find answers and begin to heal. I wanted a home where I could know that there were others who truly understood my needs. Who understood me and lived through similar situations as I did, who knew about God and I wanted answers to the many questions that I had. I wanted a place or home where I would be empowered by love and a home where they could help me find my healing. Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be that place where you can and will find the answers that for so long have alluded you. 

Some women find it difficult to heal, some of us are expected to know all the answers, to believe what we are told just because we are told. We are expected to act a certain way just because we are told to do so. But what happens to those who really don't know how to get to where they want to be? What happens to those who need real answers with honesty? What happens when we can't see or understand as quickly as others do? At Gateway of Hope House of Restoration, we will take you step by step through the healing process in a loving environment.

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be a home where you will find answers. Where you will heal through love and the comfort that others will bring you, where walls can come down and hearts can be changed. Where your hearts will find peace! A home where you will find a new beginning to grow into who you were meant to be, without all the pain of the past. Where you will find your destiny as you see your healing take place right before your eyes. It won't be easy at times, but you will not be alone. 

And so, it happened when my heart was moved to someday have a home where survivors of childhood abuse, past an present, who are victims of rape, assault, incest and sexual trafficking... could go and find hope, love and healing. A vision of a Restoration House, a home for women to come and go and take their lives back. A safe haven where you or someone you know can finally be free from the memories of the past and be restored. Yes! You can remember without the pain! It takes work and a choice on your part, to face the past, to fight for your future and come out free from the chains that hold you back from your wholeness and a bright future.  

Keren Valentin

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Why Gateway of Hope House of Restoration