For those who live in the vicinity of  Westchester, NY

We are looking for women who are willing to volunteer in paving the road for Gateway of Hope House of Restoration. We are is looking for talented, skilled strong women no matter the age, to work with us in an exciting new organization. We like to invite you to join us!

If you feel that you have enthusiasm and the interest to pursuit a new venture and want to give your time for a good cause, this is the place for you. This is your chance to grow and reach out and help others to become a part of  Gateway of Hope House of Restoration. I am asking for volunteers to help us in bringing healing to many women. Not only to be volunteers but to be a part of something greater than yourselves. To help change lives and help built this great endeavor with a strong group of women who care for others and are willing to give your time in any area needed.

We are looking forward to having many volunteers to grow with us in this organization with those who feel moved to join us.

If you have skills, talent and experience we can use you in our office or home. If  you love helping others and have a loving caring heart and have no experience, you are also invited to join us, just let us know where your gifted . Whether you are sixteen or seventy you are welcome to volunteer your time.

Send us a letter or Email on why you would like to become a part at Gateway of Hope House of Restoration, with your phone number and I will be more then happy to get back to you. If you have no experience please write us an Email as well, letting us know what gifts you have to offer and how you will help and make a difference.

Volunteers Wanted
Gateway of Hope House of Restoration
We are also looking for volunteers for the following...


Office Assistant

General Office Clerk

Proof Reader

Video Assistant

Computer Assistant

Send your resume or letters of interest to:

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration
P.O. Box 175
Buchanan, NY 10511

Or Email to: