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Gateway of Hope House of Restoration
For Women Dealing with Domestic Violence
So many young and older women need help from the pain that they are going through. 
We are here to reach out to every woman that needs help, hope and healing. 

Help us to save lives! 

Join us and become a part of Gateway of Hope House of Restoration

Keren Valentin

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My name is Keren Valentin and I am the President and founder of Gateway of Hope House of Restoration, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We are working to raise funds for a residential home, in Westchester County, NY where women survivors of childhood abuse, past and present, who are victims of rape, assault, incest and sexual trafficking; where women will reside in a safe and caring environment. Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will not just be a house but a home which will encompass a caring and loving staff, who will work with each woman on their journey towards healing. I myself am a survivor of childhood abuse; so I know and understand the need for women to have a safe place where they can come and find peace.

Our target date, to open the home is, August 2019 if not sooner.

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be a healing place where we will be having healing groups, chat groups, one to one therapy and counseling sessions. Women will be encouraged to speak and share their testimonies on how they became victims and one day they will attest on how they overcame their abuse, rape or assault. We will also provide art therapy and music therapy, where women will be able to express themselves and find solace and hope for the future. Women will partake in classes to learn new ways of coping with new living skill and activities. We will also have guest speakers sharing their own testimonies on how they have overcome their past abuses; as well as speakers to help encourage and empower women. We want the women to once again live a stronger productive life, where they can set new goals, and live without fear and become empowered for the future ahead. 

Women will be provided with warm meals, beds and all the necessities needed, as well as study materials. We want this home to be a place where women won’t need to worry about how to pay for their stay or their meals. Our goal is for women to focus on their healing journey without worries. We want women to know that they are valuable and worth the care that they so disparately need and long for.

Join us in reaching out to women who need a home to heal, grow and overcome their pain. Your tax-deductible gift will provide us with the financial means to establish this home for each woman that enters through our doors. Furthermore, you will be helping women to overcome the pain, shame and anguish they have hidden from others and break the silence of their past and present abuse. Help us break the cycle and silence of abuse, rape, assault and sexual trafficking!  (More links below!)