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Personal Advisor

Jose Rodriguez
Retired Court officer

Myara Nieves
We will be reaching out to young women and women in all walks of life who need hope and a second or third chance in their lives.

Our doors will be open to all women who are still struggling through their pain. For the spirit, body, soul and mind, giving them hope and helping them heal from the pain that lingers within them. Our doors will be open to those who are ready to begin their walk towards healing...  for those seeking help and a new way of life.

For those dealing with drug addiction that have finished a rehab program, we will help them to further their healing, helping them through the next layer of their pain. Helping them to stay on the right road towards healing.

We are also establishing connections to rehabs that will help us find a place where
young women and women can take the first steps into their rehabilitation.

We want to help women to heal and live! We want to reach out to every woman and young woman who is hurting.

I'm also happy to stay that the office space is still available and we are believing God for that space, that it will not be rented because he is holding it for our office space.
Gateway of Hope Invites To Plant A Seed

Our target date for the home is August 2019 - 2020

Your support and tax-deductible gift will provide us the financial foundation to establish the home and to prepare the house
for women to come and heal.
Your gift will allow us to provide what is needed for each woman that comes to Gateway of Hope House of Restoration.

Your gift will also help us to furnish the house, to supply what is needed, like comforters for the beds, pillows, food, study materials and much more. You will be helping women and making a difference in their lives for a better stronger future.   
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An Eternal Gift
Gateway of Hope House of Restoration

To teach women their worth and the beauty that lays within, and to help them blossom into strong productive and energetic women.
To be confident in who they are and to be confident in their walk towards healing and life. The house will be a place where lives will be rebuilt and where positive dreams and desires will become a reality in whatever they want to accomplish in life.

To transform lives by reaching out with affection and gentleness
to those who truly are ready to walk through their healing and restoration.
For Women Dealing with Domestic Violence
Everyone deserves hope, healing and the chance to live a whole and fulfilled life. As women we face circumstances and situations that at times are unbearable; shaking the very foundation of our faith. It may be a sense of failure, depression, hopelessness and struggles. I would like to introduce myself as the Founder and President of our new 503(c) (3) organization, Gateway of Hope House of Restoration: an approaching new home with a target date for August 2019: We are hopeful that it will be sooner. Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be helping survivors of childhood abuse, sexual, molestation and childhood physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse; psychological abuse, childhood emotional neglect and physical neglect. We will also be helping women whom have been victims of assault and rape as well as human sexual trafficking victims. We will have a home where women will find comfort, peace, rest and a place to heal from the brutality done to them in their past or present. . We are here to help women in every way possible! 

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be a place where women who are hurting will come to and have the opportunity to attain their healing. Our goal is to help women grow and find contentment, reassurance, understanding and hope for their future. Women will be guided in healing groups, chat groups, art therapy, music therapy and counseling.  Women will have classes and learn new ways of coping with living skills and activities; as well as The Twelve Step - A Spiritual Journey workbook, among others. We will be helping women to draw closer to their goals for a stronger and productive life. We are and will be a safe caring home of women serving women, with a focus on helping women to reach their full potential in life. Helping women to heal, walking with them through their struggles to renew and rebuild their lives. Where there is loneliness we will be there to fellowship. Where there is pain we will help women find solace. Where there is fear we will offer safety.

Our first priority will be mending the hearts and minds of women from the brutality that affected their lives as children. The house will be located in Westchester, N.Y. and we will be accepting women eighteen and over from any race, color, nationality or ethnic origin, to all rights privileges and activities available at Gateway of Hope House of Restoration. Women will be able to live in the house for up to six months as we help them through their journey towards healing.

Women will be provided with warm meals, warm beds and all study materials needed. We want this home to be a place where women won't need to worry about their financial stay. Our goal is for women to focus on their healing journey without worries. We want women to know that they are worth so much more and that others truly care about them. We want to let women know, that there is so much more to them than what had been told to them in their past, and all the negativity they think about themselves today. We want women to know that their negative thinking is due to the negative influence of their perpetrators. We also want women to know that they are welcomed and will be received as they are, with no judgment or condemnation; reaching out to women with compassion, empathy and kindness. Standing by them and letting them know that they are not alone as they take their journey towards healing; with a staff that is sensitive, patient and sympathetic to their needs.

As a survivor of childhood abuse I know what it feels like to struggle through life. To be filled with pain, not knowing what may come next or what my next steps would be. The flashbacks, the fear and the anguish were unbearable always wondering what am I doing here? Why am I here? I also know what it's like looking for a place where I can find hope, peace and healing and not find one. I went through a few establishments that were to say the least, not very helpful. They immediately want to try to put you on medication and close you in with very little therapy and no groups. Frustration becomes a part of your daily routine which can put more stress on the situation. You may get to see a doctor or therapist once or twice a week if you're lucky. Those were moments and sometimes hours of inactivity, as time passed by, wondering if anyone would come and talk with me that day. No meaningful groups to help survivors of abuse on the path towards healing and no one to talk to when you needed to talk. It's an experience that I don't want any survivor going through. Some places were even worse, which did not help at all and left you more confused when you left than when you went in. As a survivor in my opinion; those places are inadequate for those of us who struggled or struggle with the shadows of our abusive past, and it shouldn't be that way! At Gateway of Hope House of Restoration: we will take the greatest care to ensure the proper care and protocols for survivors of abuse.   

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be a spiritually based environment where love and grace will flow through the love of God. It is not based on religion! It is based on love, compassion and respect! It is a spiritual encounter with hope, grace and love, that's personal and the choice is up to each woman to experience! We all need to know the truth of why and through love and mercy women will have their answers. There is more to healing then just therapy and counseling and women will find their healing at Gateway of Hope House of Restoration.

That is why we need to reach out to women who are suffering in silence and give them back their lives, hopes and dreams with an expectation of a positive and productive future.

Keren Valentin

Diana Rodriguez
Vice President

Roxanne Torres

Hector L

A beautiful young woman, loving, sensitive with a heart of gold, who suffered in silence filled with pain died of a heroin overdose. She was like family and was loved dearly. She use to call me Ma, as all of my daughters friends still do. Her whole life was ahead of her but she struggled. Liv, as we use to call her, went into rehab to get her life back. She cleaned up for a while and came running to my house to tell me that she was clean. Oh, how happy she was, filled with excitement and ready to live. But not too long after, a so called a so called friend and she took one more trip with, but she didn't make it back. She use to talk with me about her pain and fears, I did my best to help her.  I had no place where she could stay. My heart was truly broken! I wondered... If only I had Gateway of Hope House at the time, she would have been in a safe place to heal from her pain. I love her dearly and I miss her so much.
Olivia Leigh Chilton: April 4, 1992 - August 30, 2016
Another beautiful young woman who suffered in silence and in pain and died of an overdose. In this case you would have never known that she was addicted to heroin. She was highly intelligent and as friendly as could be, so bubbly and talkative. She held her own in any and every type of  conversation. She had friends in all walks of life, from the rich to the poor. She never discriminated, and everyone was a potential friend. She was filled with so much love that she couldn't help herself but to love everyone. She use to call me Ma as well, and came around often. I was shocked on the day of her death, my heart was broken and my mind was in disbelief. She did share her pain with me and the sadness she lived with everyday. She had Cerebral Palsy and was always in fear that she would become paralyzed. She was loved by her friends as well as my family. I truly miss her so much.
Erica Conklin: July 11,1988 - February 5, 2016
We will honor Liv at Gateway of Hope House. A room will be dedicated in her memory. Her friends came up with a name... It will be called...
The Liv Lounge
A place of resting.
So many young women need help from the pain that they are going through.
We are here to reach out to every young woman that needs healing and every woman.
Help us to save lives!
These two wonderful and beautiful young women didn't have to die!
There were more deaths after this, I couldn't put them all down, but they will also be remembered.
We will honor Erica at Gateway of Hope House. A room will be dedicated in her memory. Her friends as well came up with a name... It will be called...
Erica's Reading Room
One of Liv's prayers
in a prayer jar.