Why Give a Gift?

We are hoping to touch your heart and remind you that you have been blessed. Because there are many women who need a loving hand of support which will make a difference in a their life. Some of you, thank God, have been spared from the brutality of childhood sexual abuse and other abuses and assault or rape; you are the fortunate ones, and I truly thank God that you have been excluded from such a painful reality. Unfortunately there are women who weren't as fortunate as you. Many have suffered for years in a painful state, lost and uncertain of where their lives are headed and in reality they don't know where they are headed, and some even wonder if they will live to see another day. Sadly there are survivors in every generation and there will be more lives to change in the future.

You can help women who are suffering and need support, healing and a new way of life. Your tax deductible gift to Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will allow us to give life back into a hurting soul, mind and heart. Your gift will go a long way in helping women heal. Your donation will help us provide a place like no other: a place where women can focus on their healing journey and give them a new beginning to live a new life. You can help them be in a place where they will find hope and stability and you will help us to help them, in removing the loops that confines them within their minds. You can free them from the streets where they are lost and continue to be abused. You can save them form self condemnation and self destruction. Why do you think they're out there... drinking, using drugs and hurting themselves? Because they want to? No! Because the pain within them is so unbearable that they can't face the pain within themselves, they can't deal with the pain surrounding their lives and the situations they find themselves in. Some are passing down the abuse to their children therefore making more victims for the future.  Those women are lost, trapped in a cycle in which they don't know how to get out of. They don't know how to love at times or how to be loved. Most of these women don't know what love is, leaving them in a place of confusion and dismay. They need our help, they need a place to heal and find meaning and hope in their lives.  

Help save a life! Help women who suffer in silence, who suffer in ways you're not accustomed to. Deep down within themselves they long for help, for answers and a way of escape from the shadows that linger within them. You are the source, the key and their saving grace.    

Send your your best tax deductible gift today and help us help women in their time of  suffering and need. You can be the one to save a woman from dying... literally . If you saw a women drowning, would you help her? Just because we can't physically see the pain within them or how they feel as their souls are drowning within them, it doesn't mean that their not in a desperate situation.  So we humble ourselves before you and ask you on their behalf to reach out and help us save lives.  

They need your help!  Please give your best tax-deductible gift of support to women who are longing for your help, so we can reach out to them and bring them into a safe house that will openly accept them where their at in their lives and set them on the road to healing.

Any amount that you give will help us in providing for all the needs of the women who are suffering.

So please help us and send in your best tax-deductible gift.


Keren Valentin

We want you to know...

We know there have been many organizations in the past that have been deceptive and stolen from those who truly want to help others. Many of you felt violated and cheated as so did we; therefore we want to assure you that, that's not the case with Gateway of Hope House of Restoration. we would not only have to answer to you, but to the law as well, but above all we would have to answer to God... Therefore, you will, as an on going financial supporter will receive updates and financial statements as to where and how your gifts are being used.

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