About Our
Founder & CEO
Keren Valentin:
Keren is a levelheaded believer who loves God and passes no judgement or condemnation on anyone. She treats everyone with the respect do to them and she does not force her beliefs on anyone at anytime. Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will NOT be a religious home based on religious fanaticism, it's based on love, compassion, grace and understanding. She also has been deeply hurt by religion and she will make sure that everyone will be treated with care, kindness and gentleness. Keren Ministers the word of God by sharing the word with love and wonder and no condemnation.   

Keren is a survivor of childhood abuse and knows first hand what survivors go through. That is one of the many reasons that Keren has started Gateway of Hope House of Restoration. Keren believes that every survivor has the strength to heal  and be healed, to achieve wholeness and a productive life. As she has been healed and found freedom inwardly, she wants to help others find their healing and their strength to move on from a painful past. God has placed this desire in her heart... to establish a home for survivors of childhood abuse and assault/rape victims and sexual trafficking victims, to bring freedom to their hearts and minds. To no longer be hostages to their painful past but to live a fulfilling life.

Even with Multiple Sclerosis that's being healed, her hearts is set on helping women survivors of childhood abuses. To help them reach their full potential and gives them hope; to awaken the dreams and the desires that have been dormant in their lives for a satisfying and productive future. Keren will  also be in helping survivors who are dealing with Multiple Personality Disorder/DID.

Keren has been married for 31 years, she has a beautiful daughter and a supportive family. Keren has been a believer since the age of five and that being said, it doesn't mean that there hasn't been any challenges through her life. There were many times that it seemed as though Keren wouldn't have made it to see another day, so she knows first hand what survivors are going through.

Keren's husband is a wonderful loving man and he will be teaching a class for husbands, fiances and boyfriends... on how to support the the women in their lives who are survivors of  childhood abuse. He has gone through many challenges as a husband of a survivor of childhood abuse and in doing so, he will help husbands, fence and boyfriends to learn how to support their partners through their healing journey and stand with them as he stood with Keren.

Keren is a writer, poet and artist, she loves classical music, the ballet... being a retired ballerina herself. Keren enjoys all things Victorian, as well as acting, as she has preformed in theaters in the past. Keren has assigned a theater Major who will be starting a small acting group with the women of Gateway of Hope House of Restoration as a therapeutic means for growth and courage... to help spread awareness of  the struggles that survivors go through as adults, and to bring more awareness about childhood abuse.

Even though Keren is open minded, she stands on the word of God to guide her through her own life. She believes that love and consideration are the first priority in a believers life, and should always be based on love. Her life story would astound many; she has been forgiven much and with much forgiveness comes much love, compassion and forgiveness towards others.

Keren has published a newsletter... A Moment with God, for survivors of abuse for ten years. Keren is also The CEO of the soon to return Inscriptions of Hope Publishing, a small publishing company that publishes booklets from survivors for survivors. Booklets are also written for those who want to learn and support survivors of childhood abuse. It is also a place where therapist, counselors and Pastors have written booklets that are helpful and insightful for healing and dealing with life and situations as survivors.

God Bless You,

Esther Pizarro
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